Friday, May 20, 2011

one more thing.

the carters got the fever.
i have never been a justin bieber fan. i dont dislike him, i just never cared about him.  neither did cade.  but then never say never came to red box, which we rent one a day, and we got the fever. The bieber fever.  how can you not love him in a "i want to squish you way?"
i will admit, all of the crying fans was a little crazy, but when he brings a girl onstage to serenade, i got a little teary. pathetic i know.  but he was so cute to them and he probably made their lives by acting so happy to do it for them.  each and every one of them was bawling.  justin you are a talented little sweetie.

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  1. uhh i totally watched this too this week and i seriously thought to myself "what could I do to make my child be him someday?" I loved it! I couldn't get the grin off my face the entire movie!!! I'm glad we feel the same way about him!