Friday, May 20, 2011

3 posts in 1 day

yep. this is happening.  i guess i have a lot to say since i haven't for awhile!
really i just forgot to post about this project i finished a couple of weeks ago.  i am actually quite proud of my result considering the difference in price.  i was originially inspired by this...

this was hanging in my friends house.  and i loved it.  the cost of this is a whopping $250.00.  Well i took a picture of it, bought my own wood, made my own frame, and started painting.  i spent a total of $10.00.  the biggest difference is i couldn't find the exact stencil and so the writing is a little different.  but for a $240.00 dollar discount, i will take it!  this was my end result...

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(sorry, another phone picture.)

project #2 complete!
now im painting mason jars.


  1. ahhh I am dying to see this but your picture didnt work or maybe its my computer. Good thing I will be seeing you in less than a week then I can see it in person! Miss you sister

  2. you are the cutest person ever!!!