Thursday, December 8, 2011


**warning** this post will contain cheesy content. don't read on if you think that's annoying (sometimes i do.) Me and the Mr. celebrated a year of marriage on Nov. 18! we made it! We spent the weekend in Las Vegas playing roulette, cuddling, shopping our bums off, eating out A LOT, kissing a lot, and seeing the Lion King on broadway. And let me just say that it was amazing. We even ate basically the whole top tier of our wedding cake, because it was somehow way better the second time around. *pictures to come. But to my dear husband, I am happy to inform you that I still think marrying you was the best decision of my life, even after a year. I will be completely honest and agree with others who have said that, the first year was probably the hardest. But I think of that as a positive thing. Because it was tough. And there were lots of tears. But there was even more kissing and laughing and having so much fun together. So we can pretty much get through anything now, wouldn't you say? Remember moving to California together? Our first night in our own place. We were spoiled that first year with our time, and I already miss getting to spend 90% of my day with you. Everything is more enjoyable with you. Remember when we decided we thought boxers were cute? So we went to the mac store because we didnt have internet, and searched for hours just to go hold a puppy. Then ended up bringing Duke home? Typical of us to rush into that! But we love him and haven't regretted it! (except that second week when he was getting more attention than me. seriously kass?) Remember when you gave me my first blessing from you? And it brought me to the decision that probably saved my life. You let me cry when I needed to. You sat with me for five days in the hospital, never complaining once of how boring it was. And it was. You were so supportive, and I think that was the very first time I realized how much you truly loved me. Thank you for loving me like I have always wanted. I can't wait for a billion more years together. But more than that, I am looking forward to the next 3 years. I feel like they will be really good ones. Having a baby and getting our first house. We are going to become actual grown ups. And that baby is going to be cute. I love you more than you love red vines.


  1. so so cute. I love you two and marriage is the BEST!

  2. Just cheesy enough. You two are cute!

  3. Kass, I loved reading this. And I love you guys!