Sunday, September 18, 2011


Finally we have a computer to put our pictures on! This is going to be a LONG post about our summer.  It is going to be mainly a picture overload.  But it was fun, and all worth mentioning!
                                                    Minute to Win It games
                                         These two got married!!
                                         Family came to town! And I got fried.
                                         T.V stand project.  Before:
                                          Moving To Cali:  First Stop = Legoland

                                         Our first official apartment
                                         Driving home through the desert with no AC
                                                      Crazy Husband doing HUGE jump
                                          Easter in St. George

                                         Decorating our apartment

                                         First trip to the beach

                                          Ghiradelli factory. Delicious
                                                   Cade starts selling
                                          Happy 6 months Lover

                                          Kels, Curt, and Blakes came to visit!!!!
                                         We went to Seaworld

                      1 year since our first day.  We re-created it with ice cream and our version of gelato.
                                         Some cool place in San Diego
                         I went home for 3 days to visit the fam and I think the hubs missed me.
                                                      Carter fam went to a Padres game!

                                                            San Diego state fair.  Awesome!

                                                                   One Man Band

                                                  We are about to ride an ELEPHANT!!!

                                                  Fourth of July in Cali! new tradition

                                                                     Meet Mr. Duke!

                                                       Cade's first time to Disneyland!

                                                       Annual Neeley trip to Newport!

                                                              Orange County Fair

                                                                   Pregnant Jackson

                                                                Man Alive he is hot.
                                                                       wind blown

                                                        Neeley's go to a Padre's game!

                                                            Duke's first trip to the beach.
                                                                Rope Swing in Mona

                                                          Twilight Series:  Bright Eyes

                                                                     Health scare..

                                                        Duke found his new best friend.

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