Saturday, May 7, 2011

california bound

i haven't been able to blog for centuries. or watch my tv shows.  we are officially here in san diego, with no cable or internet , and not planning on getting any. which is surprisingly been great! more quality time with the hubs.  i have internet at work now for the last hour of the day when i am alone so i will try to blog.  we have lots pictures from easter and moving and decorating our new place, but cant access them here at work sadly. thats my favorite part about blogging.  well we love it here so far.  cade works hard all day, and it pays off.  he is doing awesome.  i got a part time job in the office at night while cade is working (i mirror his schedule which is amazing.) we have been so blessed to have things work out so perfectly.  so basically everyday until 4 o' clock, i look for another project to do, and then end up at the pool or the beach.  such a hard life.  the weather here is amazing and we have loved spending all of our free time doing fun things outside.  family back home, i miss you dearly.  i can't wait to steal a weekend away and come sleep on the floor since every bedroom is now full again!! that's about as much updating as needed for now. love from the west coast.


  1. holy SD!!!!! Life is sounding good! Do you work for the same company Cade does? Can't wait to see pictures!