Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy love day

This was my first year spending love day with an actual valentine!! Usually my valentines day consists of gifts from my cute parents. Always given to us in cute creative ways.  Every year I looked forward to this!  Well this year I found a boy.  An adorable boy.  A not so romantic one though.. or so I thought.  (I got the cheesy, hopeless romantic side from my dad.) Cade and I are trying to be really good with our money right now, so we decided to spend 5 dollars on our gifts for each other.  Well Cade said he had to leave to make my gift.  And he spent a solid 6 hours working, too busy to even talk to me throughout the day.  He came home all disappointed saying his gift didnt work out and he didn't even want to show me what it ended up being.  So I walked into our bedroom and our bed was covered with origami pink and yellow hearts! He had spent 6 hours trying to make me a bouquet of origami roses based off of youtube videos and wiki.how, only to find it is way harder than it looks.  So he settled for hearts! (he spent the 5 dollars at the paper store).  It was so cute.  But the best part of the night was when he serenaded me, after months of begging, with my own personal song.  it wasn't cheesy, just absolutely adorable.  It was the perfect first valentines together!! (pictures to come.)


  1. how cute!!
    what did you give him?

  2. you guys are to cute! and i love your main picture, my favorite!